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The Flavour Of Elegance

The Flavour Of Elegance
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  • Author:
  • Begoña Rodrigo

  • Language:
  • Multilingual Edition: Spanish/English Available In Other Languages
  • Specifications:
  • Bilingual edition
  • 24x32 cm
  • 256 pages.
  • Tapa dura/ Hardcover
  • ISBN:978-84-7212-160-7
  • Publisher: Montagud Reference: G561
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You have before you a book featuring Begoña Rodrigo that spells out what for many are the rules of contemporary cuisine: flavour, technique, beauty and produce. This self-taught chef with forearms scarred by the the burns she receives daily knows full well that her trade is learn in the kitchen, and her obstinacy, which she has in greater measure than most, has led her to put down roots in front of the stove. We are speaking about a person who went back to work in the kitchen of her restaurant three days after giving birth. Begoña tastes of the sea… but also of the hills, of mushrooms and game. She trained in fits and starts in kitchens and hotels (always outside Spain), the furthest thing from traditional training. Today, ten years after opening the doors of her restaurant, she continues to be a great lover of free cuisine. Begoña Rodrigo, who tasted foie gras for the first time at the age of 26, is today a role model for many chefs who embark on a business venture in the world of hospitality in which tenacity and non-conformity rarely fail to produce results. The defined flavours, the exquisite beauty of her creations, the use of technique at the service of taste and an excellent choice of produce (local and international) make this book you have in your hands the perfect manual to put into practice in your restaurant, and also to gain a deeper insight into the chef that is Begoña Rodrigo.


  • Glazed tuna brain
  • Fatty gill skin tripe and baby broad beans
  • Fatty gill of tuna with sweet-and-sour vegetables and pig trotter broth
  • Muscatel carbonara with porcini mushrooms and figs
  • Pitu de caleya chicken with wholegrain mustard
  • Cochinita, suckling pig and green peas
  • Almussafes
  • Plankton fideuà
  • Pig trotter sandwich
  • Arroç en fesols i naps, made with Senia rice starch
  • Beetroot, cherries and cola

Techique - Broths

  • Banana split
  • Hot-and-sour onion soup with squid
  • Crispy black rice with shrimp and citrus aïoli
  • Egg yolk, chorizo and lentil-free lentils
  • Mushroom bone marrow with palo cortado sherry broth
  • Anchovies, anchovy mayonnaise and deep-fried piparra chilli peppers
  • Fresh wheat, smoked guinea fowl and sweetcorn
  • Garrofó bean and rabbit
  • Squab
  • Marianted salmon, green asparagus and grum hollandaise sauce

From global to local

  • Shrimp with its aromatised juices
  • Citrus blood: butterfish, beetroot and gazpacho/aguachile
  • Shrimp wrapped in white cabbage and coconut
  • Fermented rice starch with green curry and beans
  • All i pebre with smoked eel and causa limeña
  • Hazelnuts, cabbage, eel, chanterelle mushroom and Noilly Prat
  • Oxtail rice with capers, gherkins and ají chilli pepper
  • Yellow curry and vegetables
  • Cod, potato mousseline and seaweed butter
  • Eel millefeuille


  • Red mullet, fennel, dill
  • Calçots, smoked cheese, morels, tabella beans and Madeira broth
  • Cod brandade, cream of peas and spicy peas
  • Marinated salmon with braised chicory mousse
  • White asparagus, smoked butter and truffle
  • Smoked mushroom and pork jowl brioche
  • Foie gras, hazelnut and truffle cannellone
  • Artichokes
  • Bullit with fried baby hake
  • Cheesecake and Baileys
  • Salad of pickled and salt-cured preparations
  • Tomato, mozzarella and bonito marshmallow
  • Peach, apple, basil and lime
  • Mackerel, mussels, hot radish, cucumber and sesame seeds
  • Scallop, celeriac and orange
  • Langoustines, Jerusalem artichoke and smoked butter made with their juices
  • Sardines, smoked purée and “sardajo”
  • Razor clam offal and plankton ravioli with cockles and their liquor
  • Venison, Gorgonzola cheese and spiced breadcrumbs

Other Languages

El Sabor De La Elegancia

El Sabor De La Elegancia

Begoña Rodrigo

42.00 €

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