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El Bulli 1998 2002

El Bulli 1998 2002
El Bulli 1998 2002 2.jpg El Bulli 1998 2002 portada
  • Autor:
  • Ferran Adrià

  • Idioma:
  • Francés
  • Características:
  • 24.0x60.0x31.0cm.
  • 496 págs.
  • Tapa Dura
  • Editorial: RBA Referencia: G298
  • 3 días* ¡GRATIS!*
    • 3 días de plazo de entrega si el pedido se hace en día laborable.
    • Transporte gratuito a toda España excepto Canarias. Existen ofertas temporales según su país.
    • Añada el producto a su cesta y regístrese para poder calcular los costes de transporte con precisión.
  • Precio:140,00 €
  • Unidades Añadir a la cesta

Ferran Adria is widely considered to be the most innovative, most influential, and indeed the greatest chef in the world today. Culinary giants like Thomas Keller venerate him. El Bulli, the restaurant where he creates his masterpieces, has become a pilgrimage site of sorts; food connoisseurs from around the world journey down a dizzying coastal road to Roses, Spain to experience his unconventional tasting menu -- often consisting of 25 or more courses. But if you want a reservation, get in line. In El Bulli 1998-2002, Adria and his collaborators have created a completely unique guide to cooking which raises the profession to an art form never captured before. This volume, filled with full color photographs, presents not only El Bulli's unparalleled recipes, but also an analysis of their development, philosophy, and technique. Visually stunning, El Bulli 1998-2002 is presented as a boxed set that includes the main volume, along with a detailed Users Guide and an interactive CD that contains each recipe, numbered and catalogued by year. El Bulli 1998-2002 is truly as awe-inspiring as the meals served at its namesake.

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